Mariam Naim

Head of Laws | Lecturer Conflict of Laws & LLM | LLM (Queen Mary)

Mariam Naim is the Head of Laws as well as the Lecturer for Conflict of Laws for the LLB Programme of the University of London. She holds an LLM degree from Queen Mary and Westfield College.

Ms. Naim holds an LLB from University of London and an LLM with Merit from Queen Mary and Westfield College. Her academic journey has seen her excel in teaching and research, with a focus on Constitutional Law and Islamic Law. Ms Naim’s administrative skills were honed through significant roles in legal education management, where she led initiatives to enhance academic programs and foster legal research. She has over fourteen years of teaching the University of London Programme. 

In addition to her academic achievements, she has a rich history of legal practice, working as a Legal Associate in a prestigious law firm, where she contributed to complex legal cases and provided expert legal advice. She has also earned a certification from ADR ODR International, highlighting her dedication to alternative dispute resolution and online dispute resolution methodologies. This certification showcases her commitment to innovative legal solutions and her expertise in mediation and arbitration.

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