Fatima Bokhari

Fatima Bokhari

LLM (Harvard) LLM (Queen Marry & UCL), Advocate High Court

Fatima Yasmin Bokhari is the Lecturer for Jurisprudence and Legal Theory for the LLB Programme of the University of London at ICLS. She has been teaching Criminal Law and Jurisprudence and Legal Theory for the University of London Programme for several years.

Fatima holds a Master of Laws (LL.M.) from Harvard Law School and an LL.M. in ‘Criminology and Criminal Justice from the University of London. She has authored and contributed to various research reports, trainings manuals and papers on national and international human rights issues.

She is a legal practitioner with over 10 years of professional experience specializing in criminal justice reform, rule of law and human rights. In addition to being the co-founder of Musawi, Fatima serves as the CEO. Musawi is a private organization based in Pakistan which engages with both governmental and non-governmental stakeholders, via research, capacity building, monitoring evaluation and litigation for the purpose of affecting evidence-based legal and policy reforms.

An Advocate of the High Courts of Pakistan,Fatima also oversees Musawi’s pro-bono litigation, which provides legal representation and advice pertaining to criminal, family and civil matters to marginalized individuals. Prior to establishing Musawi, Fatima was an Aryeh Neier Fellow and staff member with the Open Society Justice Initiative in Budapest and New York, where she engaged in strategic litigation within the national security and criminal justice context for select jurisdictions in Europe and Asia.

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