Centre For Global Research

The objective of the Centre for Global Research is to provide much-needed legal support to institutions, both domestic and international, working towards strengthening law and research methods. The Centre focuses on incorporating international standards and best practices within the existing structures of Pakistan. The goal is to impartially analyse and evaluate jurisprudence in ADR, Humanitarian Law, Human Rights Law, Commercial and Corporate law currently in existence with a view towards strengthening the laws and their implementation framework.

It is working with the SDGs Secretariat of the National Assembly of Pakistan on SDG 16 “Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions”. As a result, various seminars/workshops were held at ICLS, where the students participated and gave meaningful inputs to discuss future plans regarding Sustainable Development Goal 16, ‘Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions’ laid out by the United Nations General Assembly.

Additionally, the Centre also focuses on regularly publishing quality literature on current topics relating to law and justice. One of the more important objectives of the Centre is also to collaborate with relevant stakeholders in developing new legislative initiatives through drafting and editorial support.

It is this Centre’s desire to spread awareness through legal reforms, academic writing, hosting events etc. that may increasingly support and sustain a better future for Pakistan. The Centre also aspires to work towards effective in-house capacity-building activities for our students and works in tandem with all the centres and the legal clinic to provide support and structure to all research-related activities and publications.

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