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Expertos Legales: Fostering Practical Legal Expertise Within ICLS

The International College for Legal Studies (ICLS) is distinguished by its in-house law firm, Expertos Legales, Advocates and Legal Consultants. This leading corporate, commercial, and litigation firm, with a national footprint encompassing over 100 Pakistani cities, plays a cornerstone role in ICLS’s commitment to bridging the theory-practice gap in legal education.

A Unique Learning Environment:

Situated directly on the ICLS campus, Expertos Legales operates as a fully functional law firm, providing students with unparalleled access to the realities of legal practice. The firm’s founding partner, Mr. Muhammad Farooq Rashid, champions the philosophy of nurturing well-rounded legal professionals from the outset. This is reflected in the opportunities afforded to ICLS students to gain exposure to the diverse substantive areas of law in which Expertos Legales specializes (refer to website for full list).

Empowering Students Through Practical Experience:

ICLS students have the privilege of participating in internships and other practical learning experiences offered by Expertos Legales. These opportunities provide:

  • In-depth Exploration of Legal Specialties:Students gain firsthand experience in specialized legal fields, allowing them to refine their professional aspirations and identify areas of particular interest.
  • Mentorship by Renowned Practitioners:Expertos Legales fosters a dynamic learning environment where students benefit from direct mentorship under the guidance of a team of highly respected lawyers. This invaluable interaction equips students with practical insights into the day-to-day realities of the legal profession.
  • Seamless Transition to Legal Careers:The on-campus presence of Expertos Legales facilitates a smooth transition from academic study to professional practice. This close integration allows students to bridge the theoretical knowledge acquired in the classroom with real-world legal experience, preparing them for immediate success upon graduation.

By serving as a valuable resource for ICLS students, Expertos Legales plays a critical role in their development as confident and highly skilled legal professionals. Graduates of ICLS are not only well-versed in legal theory but also equipped with the practical expertise necessary to excel in their chosen legal careers.

The following is a non exhaustive list of specialisations the law firm has to offer amongst others:

  • Banking and Finance
  • Civil Litigation
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Competition Law
  • Company Law
  • Constitutional Law and Human Rights
  • Criminal Law
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Due Diligence
  • Energy and Natural Resources
  • Family Law
  • Intellectual Property

For more details and opportunities, refer to www.expertoslegales.org.

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