Centre for Law and Human Rights

Inculcating a commitment to human rights advocacy is a cornerstone of the educational philosophy at ICLS. The institution recognizes the critical role future lawyers can play in addressing global imbalances that perpetuate economic and political inequality, exploitation, insecurity, and environmental injustice. To equip students for this essential role, ICLS offers a comprehensive human rights education program.

A key component of this program is the Centre for Law and Human Rights (CLHR), established through a strategic partnership with Amnesty International South Asia.

CLHR fosters a well-rounded learning experience by organizing workshops, seminars, and webinars led by renowned human rights experts.
These sessions delve into critical topics such as children’s and women’s rights, international humanitarian law, and the specific human rights challenges faced by Pakistan. Through this collaboration, students gain not only theoretical knowledge but also practical skills necessary to become effective advocates for human rights at both national and international levels.

CLHR has hosted various events, highlighting the importance of advocating human rights, both at national as well as international levels. In collaboration with Amnesty International South Asia a workshop on Amnesty’s “Write for Rights” campaign.

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