Centre for Law and Human Rights

It is essential for students to join a community of advocates working to address global human rights imbalances that inadvertently result in economic and political inequality, exploitation, threats to physical security, poverty, and environmental injustice. ICLS constantly strives to train its students to be leaders in human rights advocacy. Students in Pakistan need to experience working in tandem with professionals to protect those directly affected by human rights abuse.


ICLS has a Centre for Law and Human Rights that is in partnership with Amnesty International South Asia and works towards a better future for human rights in Pakistan. CLHR holds workshops, seminars and webinars by inviting human rights experts to engage with students on various topics ranging from Children’s and Women’s rights to Human Rights and International Humanitarian law. The idea of the Centre is to instil knowledge on human rights issues that Pakistan faces on a daily basis so that the students have a well-rounded experience of learning law at ICLS.


CLHR has hosted various events, highlighting the importance of advocating human rights, both at national as well as international levels. In collaboration with Amnesty International South Asia a workshop on Amnesty’s “Write for Rights” campaign.

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