Job Placements

In order to facilitate their employability, students may consult the Jobs Placement Office at ICLS. The Job Placements Office offers the following services to students:

  • Access to professional internships and job opportunities.
  • Networking opportunities with excellent law firms, international organisations and non-governmental organizations throughout Pakistan.
  • Option of applying for a secure position at our inhouse law firm, Expertos Legales.
  • One-to-one advice on how to decide a career path, as well as information and advice on the application process, including CVs, cover letters and application forms.
  • Provide information resources on further study, jobs, internships and volunteering.
  • Practice interviews to help students prepare their upcoming recruitment process.
  • Assistance with CVs and cover letters.

During the academic year, the Job Placements Office organises various ICLS specific events for students. Activities include educational trips to the Lower courts, High Court and tour of the Parliament. ICLS has a moot court facility where annual moots and legal seminars/webinars are conducted. In addition, ICLS also provides public speaking and legal writing workshops. These workshops further help students build their resumes and create effective cover letters.

The Job Placements Office team works with our students throughout the duration of their degree to aid them build strong profiles. Moreover, expert advice from active professionals is a routine feature and we are honoured to have an unmatched panel of experts helping us achieve our goal.

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