Postgraduate Applications

ICLS places immense importance on career counseling for its valued students. We provide assistance in planning your next step by providing focused and dedicated career counselling.  We have partnered with Q&A Consultants with regard to Postgraduate applications.

Q&A Consultants are experts in the field of counselling and training in career development. ICLS encourages students to dedicate time to one-on-one sessions with the counsellors available to maximize their chances of identifying and securing opportunities. Q&A Consultants will not only assist students with their admissions, but they go a step ahead and help with scholarships, visa applications and accommodation.

Q&A Consultants provide end to end services to students applying abroad to one of their partner universities and these services are free of cost to ICLS students. Group as well as one on one sessions are arranged with Q&A to explain the application process, the visa process and to take any questions that students may have in this regard.

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