The only University of London (UoL) Recognised Teaching Centre with an established Legal Clinics Programme; ICLS is truly a leader in the eld of legal education in Pakistan. With a strong team of practitioners, we provide our students with a practice-oriented learning experience.

Equipped with vast experience in the legal education sector, Dean ICLS Sarah Tarar recognised one of the vital gaps in the legal education being imparted in other UoL teaching institutions, chief of which was that UoL graduates were graduating law schools with little knowledge about domestic legal practice. The core mission for ICLS is to ensure a nexus of academics and practical knowledge for students in the shape of a very strong legal clinics programme.

The Legal Clinics Programme at ICLS provides students with a taste of practical experience while still at law school. The students are exposed to practice areas such as civil litigation, criminal trials, arbitration proceedings, corporate negotiations, contract drafting and family law matters and dealing with clients, thereby preparing them for the legal eld without any additional cost or time. Furthermore, the students are given unparalleled access to actual ongoing cases by our clinical teaching team for them to engage with the intricacies of drafting, ling, negotiations and trial preparation

Some of the important activities undertaken by ICLS Legal Clinic:

  1. 14th February, 2023 conducted a seminar on the “Practice of Law in 2023” by Barrister Haroon Mumtaz.
  2. Ms Seemin Ahmed, Deputy Director of Academics and Director of Legal Clinics has been holding a series of workshops on Sexual Harassment Laws in Pakistan as part of our legal clinic initiative.
  3. Startups, FinTechs & evolving as a Lawyer. Syed Raza Hassan Shah
  4. Highlighting the amendments in the Protection against harassment of Women at the workplace (Amendment) Act 2022 for Pakistan with Khadija Uzair
  5. webinar for ‘Admission Process for University of London LLB/LLM” on Friday,29th of July, 2022
  6. Second free career counselling session for students and recent law graduates on the 9th of August
  7. ICLS CAREER COUNSELING SESSION -Panelist -Barrister M Ahmad Pansota, Ayesha Raza Farooq, Barrister Syed Reza Ali, Sarah Tarar
  8. Public Speaking session with Adeel Hashmi
  9. A career counselling session was held at the International College for Legal Studies by Q&A Consultants on the process and requirements for postgraduate legal studies
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