Zainab Shafqat

Zainab Shafqat

Lecturer Property Law & Public Law | LLB (London) | LLM (Duke)

Zainab Shafqat is the Lecturer for Property Law and Tutor for Public Law for the LLB programme at ICLS. 

Ms. Shafqat graduated in 2021 with a First Class Honours in her LLB from the University of London. During her LLB, she also obtained the highest marks in the Legal System and Method module. Additionally, Ms. Zainab completed her LLM from Duke University in 2023 and rejoined Bandial & Associates where she had been working with since graduating. She has been teaching the University of London Programme since 2021. 

Ms. Shafqat has experience working in the corporate sector with specific focus on energy and commercial law.

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