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Hamna Qaiser

“ Being a third-year law student there is no doubt Law is very challenging and requires a lot of hard work, yet I am enjoying every bit of it. I come to say this with an experience I have had studying from some great teachers in the past two years. They not only gave a sense of inclusivity and acceptance, but they also created an understanding environment and in addition, made sure that we were confident enough to sit for our exams.
Furthermore, ICLS along with a zealous faculty and environment provide an opportunity to learn and be a part of a variety of other legal qualifications such as ADR/ODR and legal clinics. These opportunities not only help you learn but also broadens the scope of legal work in the future. I look forward to completing my last year at ICLS and being an accredited mediator I am eager to learn more about ADR under the guidance of our mentors. ”

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